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The WingFest Charity

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Youth Central (formerly Child and Youth Friendly Calgary) envisions a society where all youth participate in shaping a vibrant community. This vision is based on the firm belief that young people who experience involvement and philanthropy at an early age grow up with an ongoing sense of responsibility. Youth Central provides a place for youth to find meaningful volunteer experiences. We help youth make a difference and be active, caring citizens. We support youth in building valuable skills for future employment. We give youth a voice. We grow young people’s understanding of the community. We build Calgary’s leaders of today and tomorrow. We are Youth Central!

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“Youth Central has helped me to become more confident and has helped me to embrace my ideas and to take action on issues I am passionate about. I have gotten so many invaluable teamwork and communication skills as a result of being a Youth Central volunteer. I have never met so many amazing people in one place as I have at Youth Central and so many of them have become friends I will keep for a long time to come. I like to think that I have become the kind of person who people look up to and that is all because of Youth Central. Before arriving, I was a person who was shy and was never confident in expressing my ideas or opinions, but all of that has changed now. Thank you for establishing a place in Calgary that believes in youth and their ability, a place that always lifts them up rather than puts them down.”Christina, Youth Central volunteer, 2015
“I discovered Youth Central in July. My year in general was awful I was very depressed and lonely, my friend convinced me to join the Win Sport Summer Camp [volunteer project] and I met so many wonderful people. I continued to volunteer after that camp. Thank you for doing what you do and having these fabulous opportunity’s.”Leona, Youth Central volunteer, 2015

“I really think volunteering is great because it teaches valuable life skills such as selflessness and being generous. Volunteering gave me many opportunities to understand the city I live in and see how helping others can make a difference/impact. I discovered Youth Central by accident. I was looking for volunteering opportunities in Calgary online, as I was looking for activities to get me away from the TV or the Internet. I enjoy volunteering around the city, and since starting I just can’t get enough of it.”John, Youth Central volunteer, 2015